East Bay Pilates is a Classical Pilates Studio located at 1522 Park Avenue in Emeryville, California, wedged between Oakland and Berkeley in the San Francisco Bay Area. We teach Classical Pilates, meaning the original work of Joseph Pilates.

This authentic method incorporates all the apparatus designed by Mr. Pilates. It is not a hybrid, adaptation or other contemporary system of movement it is the method as seen in archival footage and written works of Joseph Pilates.

We believe Pilates is a unique workout that builds stretch and strength with control.


“Physical Fitness can neither be acquired by wishful thinking nor by outright purchase.”

Joseph Pilates

A Unique Method of Body Conditioning

Benefits of Classical Pilates

Pilates builds muscular strength and stamina through controlled exercises utilizing your own body weight in all planes of motion.
Pilates increases flexibility and mobility of the whole body. Obtained through the unique design and order of exercises combined with diverse apparatus.
Each and every exercise in Pilates is done with precision and efficiency of movement to create a uniformed and balanced body in motion.
5 Privates Sessions for New Students

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Introductory Offer

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What Clients Say About Us


  • Hello! My name is Barnaby Edwards. I'm a 69-year-old survivor of head and neck cancer.

    A year ago, when I began studying with Robert and Krisna at the East Bay Pilates studio I couldn't lift my head from a flat position to learn to do the "Hundred". Now I daily feel stronger and more evenly balanced as I go through my routines.

    Pilates has, literally, changed my life and my gratitude to the studio and my Teachers is boundless!

  • I am so grateful to Krisna and Robert of East Bay Pilates. I started to work with them on referral of my orthopedist following surgery to correct a herniated disc at L5-S1. I thought I would never regain the strength and mobility I had long enjoyed. They were completely familiar with my condition; they assessed my functional capacity and set me on a course designed to recover my former strength and flexibility.

    I have been going to them regularly since April 2015. They are compassionate, supportive and yet serious with the training, encouraging me to work through those days when my energy is low. Throughout the session they are attentive, and monitoring the technique to make sure I am doing the exercises efficiently and safely. In short, they are both simply superb and I am forever grateful to have found them.

  • Robert and Krisna have a wonderful studio in Emeryville. Their devotion to their craft is infectious. I look forward to each studio session. Being in the studio is like being with family. Do your body a favor!

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