Classical, Comprehensive & Experienced

Our Difference

Our Difference

East Bay Pilates teaches the Classical Pilates Method as intended by Joseph Pilates passed on to his protégé Romana Kryzanowska. We are certified comprehensively and continue to train regularly with senior teachers in the classical method.

Comprehensive training means you have not done a weekend workshop on a single piece of apparatus or simply completed an online course or workshop. It means you have done apprentice hours and extensive hands on training. Many programs today teach only reformer or mat, we teach the whole system with all of the apparatus designed by Joe Pilates.

We have been teaching since 1999, thus years of experience. We have worked with all types of bodies, ages and individual exercise demands over the decades. Krisna has a Master of Science degree in Kinesiology and guides the studio in injury prevention.

We believe we are still students and thus continue our ongoing examination of the method through teaching, training and taking class ourselves. We walk the walk and honor the original method.

East Bay Pilates

Meet the Owners

Robert Surenbroek
Robert Surenbroek was most recently a teacher trainer for Power Pilates Classical...
Krisna Hanks
Krisna brings a lifetime of involvement in the fitness and health industry...
What Clients Say About Us


  • Hello! My name is Barnaby Edwards. I'm a 69-year-old survivor of head and neck cancer.

    A year ago, when I began studying with Robert and Krisna at the East Bay Pilates studio I couldn't lift my head from a flat position to learn to do the "Hundred". Now I daily feel stronger and more evenly balanced as I go through my routines.

    Pilates has, literally, changed my life and my gratitude to the studio and my Teachers is boundless!

  • When I started Pilates I had back, neck, shoulder, and wrist issues from working at a computer all day that were not only painful, but were also sapping my energy and bringing me down. Under Krisna and Robert's guidance, though, I began to build strength, and along with that, confidence and hope that I could actually feel better.
    Now I am at a completely different level of fitness in that my posture has greatly improved, thus resolving many of my back, neck, shoulder, and wrist issues, and I am much stronger overall. I was never aware of my balance or efficiency of movement, but I can see how even those things have changed - I walk with greater confidence now. And my energy level is better than ever!

  • It was suggested by my physician - a specialist in joint and autoimmune diseases - that I do Pilates as the preferred method of strength building for my body. In investigating how to begin, I decided to find an instructor who would determine what was right for my body and work with me individually in learning to "do it right"- rather than walk into a group class where you were essentially on your own. I found East Bay Pilates by searching for certified Pilates trainers in my area - wanting to make sure I selected someone to work with me who was well qualified to teach the method.
    The final determinant, of course, was the instructor - Krisna Lee Hanks, who is dedicated, enthusiastic and passionate about her profession and sincerely interested in my well-being and in seeing me develop physically. She is constantly trying to challenge me to do better but at the same time, aware of my current physical limits. My sessions with her are always interesting and varied and fun. I feel renewed and can really see the results of our work together. After trying many different forms of physical exercise over the years, this is the first program that has worked for me.


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